Thank you for your interest in my work. I make unique wooden accessories and furniture in my workshop in northern Italy. Most of my works are available for purchase via my Etsy shop.

You can get in touch with me or have a look at how I work on my YouTube channel (here’s one of my latest videos).

I also like photography.


Wood is probably the very first material that mankind has learnt to transform and shape. Archaeologists showed us that our ancestors began to create tools, but also ornaments, furniture, and even art as early as 400,000 years ago. That’s impressing, isn’t it?

So, wood. It’s rewarding and forgiving at the same time, it’s very versatile, and it also smells good. I started working with wood when I was a kid, with my father, helping him making stuff. Small furniture items, mostly out of spruce, but it was fun.

I never really stopped working with wood, but I sort of started afresh a few years ago, when I rediscovered the joys of this craft. And that brings us to now, with me making a lot of different projects – mostly for family and friends – and trying to spread my work a little bit farther away, on Etsy.

I hope you find what I do interesting and worth a look.

Where Are My Clients?

I delivered orders to each of these locations around the world.