These are some of the furniture pieces that I designed and built for clients or for our home. Get in touch with me for custom order inquiries.

Laundry Furniture

A laundry basket and cabinet made to fit a specific space. The main structure is made of pine and plywood, painted white, while the panels are upholstered with 100% cotton fabric for a unique look.

Console With Drawers

A console table, made to fit a particular space, and featuring two wide drawers. It’s made from laminated beech, while the drawer fronts are made using several dozen strips of reclaimed oak. This console can be disassembled for easier moving.

Pallet-Style Coffee Table

A low coffee table on casters, designed to look like a pallet-style piece but actually made from reclaimed pine bed slats. This piece gave me inspiration to design and build this other coffee table.

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